A smarter, faster way to do mortgages

With a better toolset, we help mortgage professionals make less mistakes, close more deals, and compete with modern bank solutions.

Interact with your borrowers online, on any device

Higher application completion rates

Our intuitive application dynamically changes as it's filled out to collect the exact information you need for a deal. This means the client spends less time and you get more accurate applications.

Filogix Expertâ„¢ integration

Enter your firm code and your Expert login, then move collected applications seamlessly to Filogix Expert in one click.

Automate repetitive tasksPRO

Use the Finmo smart documents feature to automatically request documents based on application responses.

Your tools, integrated

Connect to any popular CRM or software in minutes. For example, when a deal is submitted on Finmo, send it to Pipedrive CRM automatically.

More realtor referrals from better funnelsPRO

Use borrower friendly affordability calculators to hook potential clients with a world class first impression.

Advanced document managementPRO

Take advantage of auto-resized borrower uploads, automatic packaging and naming for lenders, and unlimited documents storage on secure, Canadian AWS servers.

Faster communication with SMS PRO

Use familiar tools to communicate with clients. Finmo allows you to send text message updates about applications and documents, helping the mortgage process stay top of mind.

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